Big Data Visualization

Cloudberry is a general-purpose middle-ware system to support visualization on large amounts of data.


The whole system can be divided into three parts, front-end, middle-ware, and back-end.


This live prototype supports interactive analytics and visualization on more than one billion tweets with new data continuously being ingested. Check this video.

Key Features

Real time stats

Real time visualization on "now data";

Multi-Database support

Connectors to different data management systems (such as Apache AsterixDB, MySQL, Postgres);

Future flexibility

Restful API for different frontends.

Amazingly responsive

Millisecond-to-second response time to visualize big data;

Easy to use interface

Supporting various visualization interfaces such as choropleth maps, heatmap, and pin maps;

Text analysis

Providing quick text queries and analysis based on Tweets.

About US

We are a team from UC Irvine, ISG

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