Sadeem Alsudais, Qiushi Bai, Chen Li, Shuang Zhao 

A system to visualize a large spatial network progressively. It provides visualization simplification techniques such as vertex clustering and edge bundling. It allows interactive exploration through zooming and panning.

You can setup Snipe on AWS from a public image following these instructions.

  1. From AWS console, on the left tab select AMI and search for public images for Snipe-Image then follow the steps to launch an instance from the image.
  2. On creating the instance wizard, click on next until Step#6. Add a new rule to open port 9000.

! Note:the initialization would take a few minutes.

Instance settings:

  • 8GB memory
  • 4 vCPUs
  • OS: Amazon Linux
  • Installed Softwares:
    • Java
    • sbt (Scala building tool)
    • Postgresql
  1. Open a new terminal shell to connect to the AWS machine use ubuntu as the username to connect to the instance.
  2. Navigate to a file and change the link to match your AWS address.
vim graph_viz/public/javascripts/logic.js
change websiteName to match you AWS address
  1. Go to a directory
    cd graph_viz
  2. Start Snipe
    sbt run
    Use your Web browser to open the link http://[your aws ip]:9000.
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