• Drum: A Rhythmic Approach to Interactive Analytics on Large Data, Jianfeng Jia, Chen Li, Michael J. Carey. [PDF (Long version)][Video]
  • **Caching Geospatial Objects in Web Browsers **, Taewoo Kim, Vidhyasagar Thirumaraiselvan, Jianfeng Jia, Chen Li, ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017 (Demo Paper).
  • Visual Analytics Ecology for Complex System Testing, Simon Su, Michael Barton, Michael An, Vincent Perry, Chen Li, Jianfeng Jia, Brian Panneton, Visualization in Practice 2017 at IEEE VIS 2017.
  • Twitter Coverage of Climate Change and Health before and after the 2016 US Presidential Election, Suellen Hopfer, Miryha Runnerstrom, Jianfeng Jia, Taewoo Kim, Chen Li, American Public Health Association 2017.
  • Supporting Visualizations on Large Twitter Datasets Using Cloudberry, Shengjie Xu. [PDF]
  • Towards Interactive Analytics and Visualization on One Billion Tweets, Jianfeng Jia, Chen Li, Xi Zhang, Chen Li, Michael J. Carey, Simon Su, ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016 (Demo Paper). [PDF] [Video]


  • (8/2017) Prof. Chen Li gave talks at Huawei, Google, Teradata, and ARL about Cloudberry.
  • (6/5/2017) Prof. Chen Li gave a talk at UC Riverside.
  • (5/19/2017) ISG Seminar by Chen Li, Jianfeng Jia, and Zuozhi Wang.
  • (3/2017) Prof. Li gave a talk about Cloudberry at UCI. [PPT]
  • (9/2016) Prof. Li gave a talk about Cloudberry at APWeb, Suzhou, China. [PPT].
  • (8/2016) Prof. Li attended the MHSRS symposium to show Cloudberry. [Poster]
  • (7/2016) Prof. Li gave talks about Cloudberry at Salesforce and Huawei.[PPT]